Saturday, August 22, 2009

the laundry post

(laundry shirt!)

no exchange blog is complete without a laundry post! and whilst i was trying to spare you the mundane details of my pseudo-independence, laundry is an amazing achievement.

i very excitedly gathered my pathetic load of laundry and brought it to the laundry room (5minutes from my building). why oh why do i not have a machine in my building. WHY. (thanks j for the laundry bags) you must understand that the excitement stems from anticipation because i tried very hard to book a laundry slot a few days ago but alas, they were all full! so the earliest available slot i could find was saturday 2pm. when most normal people are out in the sun enjoying their weekend. bummer. but i was determined to do my laundry and i eagerly wrote my name down. after waiting a few days and feeling the excitement of virgin laundry attempt build up, i attempted to increase my laundry load because, apparently, two semi-clean shirts do not a load make. and then i'd the brainwave of washing my new bedding from ikea! suddenly, instant load! tada! my laundry trip was now justified.

upon finding my machines (9 and 10 from 2pm-4pm) i discovered, to my horror, that someone else's laundry was still in it!!! which set of this whole train of events because i had no clue what to do with abandoned laundry. the machines had dirty surfaces so i couldn't just dump the damp laundry on my machine and get along with it. after much deliberation, i decided to help the irresponsible one and put his laundry in the corresponding dryer i.e. dryer 9. which i did, cringing all the way because it was boy's knickers and OHMYWORD SO GROSS SO GROSS SO GROSS and i very very delicately made sure i touched only the extremest edges and i wish i'd gloves because it's just so very disgusting but i did it and now some stupid person is going to have nice dry clothes. i have to admit this move was motivated more by paranoia than altruism because i didn't want to anger the irresponsible one who would then, presumably, irresponsibly proceed to pee into my laundry. which would be even more unpleasant than temporal contact with his unmentionables. and i very nicely left a note on my machine to direct aforementioned irresponsible neighbour to his laundry. lest he pee in my laundry in bewilderment at his missing load.

so there.

oh and i came back to my room after starting the washing cycle and saw my spanking new ikea bedsheet still half-sitting pretty on my bed. vaguely remember trying to remove it from the mattress then i must've gotten distracted by something and left without taking it with me. DARN! so now i'm going to continue sleeping on new, slightly plastic-y smelling sheets until the next laundry day.

the laundry chronicles! will update once i've my laundry back nice, dry and hopefully free of random person's pee. and also after i've stopped compulsively washing my hands with the strongest antiseptic i can find.

in other news, guess who scored tickets to coldplay tonight??? live! in stockholm! guess guess guess! -almost passes out in glee-

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