Tuesday, August 25, 2009

trois messieurs français

meet my french corridor-mate, C, and his two charming friends.

they're majorly interesting people :) C grew up in a hamlet in france, left for high school in a bigger down, did a year of medicine in poitiers (the same year S was there!) and then left to focus on biochemistry because medicine wasn't for him. he's driven by a desire to make medicines and remedy / prevent genetic illnesses because his sister has one and he grew up wanting to help her. A, the dimpled guy in the middle, is C's good friend from france. his father is the chef of a huge restaurant and he grew up in the kitchen, watching and learning. so he's the resident french chef here and makes the most amazing meals. plus he knows all about asian culture! which's pretty impressive, considering he's never been to asia. he could tell me about the endangered species-threatening eating habits of the chinese, harakiri, and he definitely knows more about asia than i know about france. and on the right's also C, he's the responsible one. who spent a year in tokyo (OMG) and speaks perfect japanese now. he's also done a fair bit of traveling and i found out from him that tokyo-hawaii is dirt cheap. so i just might do that the next time i head north east from singers :) but they're lovely guys and it was a good evening. we've an interesting barter trade going on, they teach me french, i teach them english. so in now time, we'll all be effectively bi/trilingual. won't that be nice :)

and everybody at the party was dressed up. the freshies have to wear this ridiculous costume fro the first fortnight and the colour depends on your faculty. these guys were somewhat lucky to be in black because i saw some neons. but they were super weird these guys were standing around all bearded and wouldn't let C take a photo with them! and when i took one anyway (hehe0 they grunted and marched off. so odd!

photos from the pre-party on the rooftop terrace :)

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