Friday, November 6, 2009

commonwealth games

went to sigtuna with the parentals but they're speedy gonzales and i was left breathless as we rushed in and out of the oldest town in sweden. made a mental note to return someday and today was the day! we braved the blizzard but spent most of the afternoon enjoying a leisurely lunch in a sweet little cafe. great food and better tea and cookies! the tea's whole leaf and home bagged! and we had more coffee and tea than we were entitled to. took advantage of the blustery, blizzardy weather and snapped some mood shots. eagerly awaiting S' artwork but my pedestrain photos are up on facebook. we posed, frozed and i stepped into a lot of duck poo. but we'd fun catching snowflakes, eating donuts and trolling each other.

here's to more adventures of the swedish kind!

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