Wednesday, November 25, 2009

inverse weekend

when i was younger, i used to love the weekend and loathe the five-day week. now i'm a little less young, i still love the weekend but i've come to semi-like the very adult responsibilities of attending class etc.

BUT that doesn't mean i'm not deliriously happy when i get the occasional inverse weekend i.e. two day work week. so when the weekend officially began at 1139h today, you can imagine my ill-disguised glee as i busted out of E497 and into the glorious november weather. ok, so i'm exaggerating about the weather. but it's pretty darn amazing that i'm done with classes for the week and my next class is only on tuesday! lucked out there with the berlin trip, had foreseen myself accidentally not turning up for classes but looks like i'm not missing anything. how miraculous! note to self: always pray for fortuitous scheduling when booking euroescapades.

on the agenda today is taking out the trash (yes, it's a big deal) and making a daytrip to the maxi ICA with A in his ka because his little racing ball hasn't been out for a spin of late. celebrating the lovely miss M's birthday tonight and we'll see what happens after. i like my plans inchoate, thank you very much :)

so TGIW and much love to all!

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