Thursday, November 26, 2009

reality bites

in response to the multiple complaints i've received from hungry readers who attribute their gluttony to my food posts (you know who you are!), here's something that should make you lose your appetite instead. while i enjoy good food (who doesn't?) and am grateful to have sampled some of the best stockholm has to offer, this is more like what i eat on a regular basis.
gross, huh?

if you must know, it's canned corn with an egg broken into it and stirred on the stove till the egg's cooked. probably looks like something a baby would eat / spit up, you can't really tell with babies.

p/s and yesterday i actually ate stale meat without realising it until about twenty minutes after lunch i started to feel so sick. apparently my senses aren't in tiptop shape, seeing that i can't smell bad meat from a metre away. lesson learnt - if you must buy almost-expired meat in bulk, eat it within five days of expiry date. six is pushing it.

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