Thursday, November 26, 2009

maxi ICA

is absolutely terrible for a pack rat like me. my tendency to borong (buy things in bulk for hoarding purposes) is no secret and being surrounded by shelves and shelves of bulk-priced items did nothing for my scant self-restraint.

so i ended up buying 1kg of lindt (yes, that's 10 x 100g bars) and 1 kg of apple biscuits, 3kg of mandarins, 1kg of onions, 1kg of frozen chicken, 20eggs, 5 avocado and 5 limes. oh and 3l of apple cider. looking at my recently acquired groceries, i foresee a few more weeks of poor home-cooking where i alternate between avocado with lime and salt, pasta pasta pasta and fried eggs. maybe chicken soup if i'm feeling self-indulgent.

and back to being a pack rat, i couldn't resist these cuties and bought two of each design when i know, rationally, that i've absolutely no use for more than one set. sigh.

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