Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hear the gears move

much to my disappointment, it turns out i can't move into my room any earlier than the stipulated date. bummer. that means i need to find alternative accommodation (read: cheap hostel) for a fortnight. while not a big fan of hostels, i recognise that they're a necessary, if not essential, part of budget travel. that said, i absolutely can't wait until i don't have to stay in a hostel any more. hostels are all well and good when you're in a six-bedder with your friends but i don't like having to sleep with strangers. gone are the days when i was certain that i'd wake up with one less kidney (this was just before the nakedlawyers' first foray into bangkok in the middle of freshman year!) but strangers still give me the heebiejeebies. and hostels in stockholm are crazy expensive. ok! enough ranting. was so psyched to see sweden before school started that i went a little overboard and booked myself onto the first flight out of singapore. HAHA.

the game plan looks like i'm going to check myself into a tiny 10bed mixed dorm (ugh.) for two weeks and take day trips out of stockholm. or might do slightly longer trips and not spend more nights than i need to at the stockholm hostel. it's relatively cheap, which also means that it's the most basic of holes in the wall and probably hardly a pleasant place to spend hours at end engaged in deep philosophical discussion. or not.

wikitravel's my new best friend and i'm working out some semblance of a plan for my free fortnight before moving into homeforfivemonths.

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